See your engineering velocity take off

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Quick setup

Signing up for AppLens takes less than a minute.

Setup your team, create apps to manage and invite your team mates to collaborate with, all before you can finish a cup of coffee!

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Automated workflows

Create automated logic to speed up your work.

Setup alerts and workflows for when something changes on the ground, AppLens takes observability to a whole new level!

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Single pane of glass

View everything about your software stack.

No more hopping between 11 tabs to make sense of reality. AppLens presents the most important information, all in one place.

Informed Engineering

Understand everything about your software

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Visualize anything

Get a comprehensive view of how everything works.

From high level cloud infra to low level logic flow, AppLens renders anything.

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Integrate everything

Leverage data no matter where it resides.

AppLens supports dozens of integrations to enrich your software visualizations.

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React quickly

Go from incident report to mitigation in minutes.

By understanding your architecture better, stay ready to handle the most demanding incidents.